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Rusztowanie Śląsk

Complete solutions
for scaffolding systems

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ul. Ostatnia 3
41-909 Bytom
woj. śląske

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Scaffolding Group - scaffolding for demanding customers

Scaffolding Group provides assembly, disassembly and the transport of the scaffolding systems. We rent our own and entrusted scaffolding systems to the companies, as well as to the individual clients. Try us- You'll find that there is no impossible for us.


Wynajem Rusztowań Śląsk

Rental of modular and facades scaffolding systems

Assembly and dismantling

Montaż Rusztowań Śląsk

We guarantee professionalism of assembly and dismantling scaffolding systems


Transport Rusztowań Śląsk

We provide our own means of transport for scaffolding systems wherever You want

Choosing Scaffolding Group

  • You know that your employees are safe working at a great height - we have only safe and modern scaffolding systems, as well as formwork only from leading manufacturers..
  • Still not convinced? Look: the appropriate certificates of our products and their periodic technical inspections guarantee the reliability.
  • Moreover, as one of the few polish companies, we obtained the positive certification of the Polish Labour Inspectorate confirming the high level of safety way of work at a great height!
  • Thanks to our highly qualified engineering and technical staff, You received the guarantee of the proper installed scaffolding system.
  • You are sure that all the works performed will be on time- therefore You are not waiting and your money work for You.
  • Don’t worry, You are not working with amateurs! Since the beginning, we delivered more then 500 projects. Your will be the next!
  • You are working with a company that cares about its employees just as well as for its customers - "Construction site. Stop accidents! " - the program improved good working conditions can certify above.

Discover best opportunities with our solutions! Find out why and start working with us, even today!
Or maybe You have any additional questions? We will help You with it. Just send us a message or call us !

Highly qualified engineering and technical staff

Wykfalifikowana Kadra

We work only with high skilled workers with certificates.

scaffolding systems

Modern scaffolding systems

We use reliable and modern scaffolding systems.

Certificates, Regular Inspections, Safety

Certificates, Regular Inspections, Safet

All our products have attests and actual technical reviews.

Reliability and works
on time

Wykfalifikowana Kadra

Working with us, you can be sure of the terms of realization

Scaffolding Group sp. z o.o.
ul. Ostatnia 3,
41-909 Bytom

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +48 789 275 820